Did you know?  NONE of the staff want to be in a position to have to go into "teacher mode."  We want to be a bunch of fellow musicians enjoying our time together.  We appreciate you keeping us from having to pull rank, but if we have to, we will.


CLARIFICATION - this post is the result of a previous situation.  Our bus was involved in a very minor fender-bender several years ago where a car backed into us in a parking lot.  Within moments, calls started coming in because of the facebook post a student made about the horrible car crash we were in.  Naturally, the parents were concerned, but things blew out of proportion so quickly because of that facebook post that we had to stop everything and talk to parents.  It was a senseless waste of time, it caused unnecessary panic, and threw our schedule off for the day. And it simply wasn't true.

We know you'll be posting to social media.  However, don't post things that will make your parents nervous:  If we have to deal with an issue, allow us to get ahead of it.  Don't post incomplete information; give us a chance to resolve issues.  We don't want you keeping things from your parents; allow the situation to be assessed.  You may certainly tell them about it after that.  Don't use social media for something like that.


One concern we have that you might not consider is your personal health.  You're going to get up in West Memphis one morning, and not go to bed again for about 30 hours!  When you go to your room at night - SLEEP!  Getting rest is your first defense to staying healthy.

Do what you need to do to ensure you pay attention to staying healthy.  It's easy to get dehydrated, and dehydration leads to several other issues.  We're on the move so much, our fluid intake isn't what it should be if we don't pay attention.  Staying hydrated must be a priority.  

It should go without saying, but...  EAT at mealtimes.  You will use more energy over these 15 days than you can imagine.  That's one of the main reasons 2 meals a day are part of the price - we know good meals are part of the day.  

Make sure you have good walking shoes.  You'll be telling stories when you get home about the unreal amount of walking you did!  Blisters, shin splints, and other stuff like that make it miserable, and all that is easier to avoid than to deal with the pain and discomfort while your waiting on stuff to heal - and you're still walking on them!   We recommend that you have two pair of good walking shoes.  In the Alps, weather can turn in an instant.  If you got soaked, you'll be glad you had another pair of shoes to wear while the others dried out completely.

Please be sure to pack (and use) medications you need.  Your body clock will take a couple of days to adjust, and it's easy to completely miss when you would normally take your medicine.  

I learned the very hard way that you need to be sure to have enough of your medication to last until we get home.  It's next to impossible to have a prescription filled.  Trust me.


"Tap your passport!"

"Wear your blue!"

"See a potty, use a potty!"