We covered the bases in Conway in April.  Here are some reminders about choosing what you are going to wear while in Europe.

#1 is for sure to remember the culture(s) we're going to be guests in.  While you see a lot of outlandish folks on the news and stuff, and while there are a lot of young people there that do make interesting wardrobe choices, it is definitely not the norm.  In fact, outside of the cities in England and France, it's rare to see folks whose appearance set them apart.

We are all for, and support, your freedom of expression.  However, we're strongly asking that you put your expression on hold for a couple of weeks.

Why?  Ambassadors groups intentionally strive for a very positive impression on our European hosts, audiences, and others we encounter.   It's one of the reasons we're so popular, especially in the smaller towns.   Our image is impeccable because our first impressions don't raise eyebrows, and our manners and friendliness show respect.

Another major reason is that we will be visiting some of the most historic places in the world, and many of them are houses of worship which deny entry to folks who dress outside of their expectations for their church and faith.

All of that to say, we don't have a dress code.  We do however have some things that simply aren't appropriate for our activities and image (some are admittedly dated, but we still have issues from time to time).   Schools with dress codes make specific rules about measurements, but what's too revealing on one body type might not be for another.

T-shirts and shorts in general are perfectly acceptable everywhere we go.  Jeans are also fine.  No one has an issue with sneakers/tennis shoes. 

*Don't reveal midriffs, underwear, shoulders, or cleavage.

So! Please make sure your wardrobe doesn't include the stuff on the list.  If these things are what you choose to wear at home, please leave them at home until you get back.

The list seems awfully long.  We've just learned to be specific to avoid different interpretations.  

Also, we want to avoid tension.  Wearing the listed items puts you on the spot.  The staff will send you back to your room to change (making you run late on top of being mad or embarrassed).

Good rule of thumb: if you have to hesitate to decide if it's ok, it's not.