REMEMBER that all of our tickets are linked together through our airline contract.

If you go online to check the flight(s):

DON'T click on anything that could make changes!

DON'T upgrade anything!

DON'T change seating assignments!

DON'T check-in online!

DON'T check your bags online!

DON'T set up curbside service or other services!

DON'T!  Even if your dad is a seasoned traveler and "knows what he's doing," DON'T!

You certainly don't want to be the reason the entire tour is delayed (or flights are missed) while the ticket agents sort out the mess you caused.

Three Main Principles to Remember:

We Understand:

CHECKING IN  (Memphis & Munich)


Sometimes, there are self-check kiosks.  If we use them, follow instructions and stay calm - it can be overwhelming with a group around you.  If anything confuses you, simply call on a staff member to help.  


** Follow all instructions given by TSA agents.  Ask them to repeat if necessary.

** No matter how charming and clever you are, save all the jokes and commentary until you've cleared the security checkpoint.

* If you are qualified for TSA Pre-Check, you'll probably get to take advantage of it.  However, agents often want groups to stay together.  If you don't know what TSA Pre-Check is, it's not you.

* We are not the only travelers trying to make flights.  It's very possible your Family 👥👥👥👥👥 may get sent through different lanes.  This is fine, but take someone with you if that happens.

IF Things Escalate a Bit

During times when National security is experiencing an elevated level of concern, several passengers will be randomly scrutinized.  The procedures are the same, but the agents will be somewhat more focused on things.




The term "domestic flight" refers to flights between US cities.  The flight to London and the flight back from Munich are "international flights."


You've been awake many, many hours, and have crossed six time zones.  It's the first thing in the morning in London.  You're not at peak mental performance and you've just arrived in a foreign country.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed and distracted - at the worst time to do so.  Remind yourself to pay attention, keep your staff member in sight, and remind yourself to stay focused.  Don't mess up a truly exciting moment by getting separated or doing the wrong thing!

It's obvious, but you are no longer in the United States.  You are not a citizen, and US law doesn't apply to you here.

You're going to be some combination of nervous, excited, anxious, and exhausted, and running on adrenaline.  That's ok!  Take a breath and enjoy this experience.  It'll be great story-telling when you get home.


Sometimes, there are passport kiosks.  If we use them, follow instructions and stay calm.  As always, if anything confuses you, call a staff member over.  Also, there are several British agents roaming around to help with the kiosks - it's perfectly fine to allow them to help.


Part of the customs process is being asked if you have anything "to declare."  This simply means are you carrying stuff that's not allowed like fresh fruit/veg, unprocesed food, large amounts of currency, and other things.  You have nothing to declare, so the answer is "no."  There may even be express lanes for passengers with "nothing to declare."

ALSO - it is illegal to take photos in the border control, baggage claim, or customs areas.  Since these are secure, controlled-entry areas, they don't want photos of the layout to be available to the public.


Ok! NOW you're in the UK!!  But there are still some steps to attend to before you can relax.

NOW you can relax and enjoy your European tour!  Well, mostly relax.  Always be aware of your surroundings and remember how easy it is to get distracted and miss important instructions and information.



Handle this with the agent at the boarding gate (not the ticket agent) before they begin the process of preparing to board.  Since it's not an Ambassadors topic, and since making online changes can be disastrous, you dealing directly with a gate agent will be your safest bet and easiest opportunity.

Please note:  AAM doesn't make arrangements for cars left in West Memphis.  We bus from the hotel to the airport.  If leaving a car at the Memphis airport, consider choosing a parking service farther from the airport - much cheaper and they will shuttle you to the terminal.  However, you'll need to take care of cars well before the buses arrive at the airport.