Performance Uniform:

Official AAM blue polo shirt (tucked in during concert)

Full-length khaki pants & belt

Clean but comfortable closed-toe walking shoes

Tour jacket, depending on weather

 We will NOT wear uniforms for the West Memphis concert.  We'll save them for tour.  For the concert, just wear what you had on all day.

Don't wear hats or caps while performing.  Sunglasses will only be allowed if the group is facing the sun.  Don't "personalize" your uniform - it's not uniform.

TRAVEL TIP:  Pack a travel-sized bottle of wrinkle releaser spray.  You can tidy up your clothes, plus the spray will deodorize to some extent and freshen up your outfit.  Put it in your suitcase rather than bring it through security.

When we are assembled, someone is always watching, listening, and making an impression about our group.  Be professional: keep voices down, take your places calmly when instructed to.  When the conductor is addressing the ensemble, stop talking and face them.  If you miss something they're saying, raise your hand and ask to repeat.  Conductors want to avoid talking loudly unless needed.



AFTER THE PERFORMANCES. we will jump into what's next on the itinerary.  We won't be going anywhere to change.  Keep this in mind as you plan your day.  You can put a change of clothes in your daybag; we just can't guarantee a place to change.