Information for All Parents

Parents of tour members,

We're so excited that your child will be traveling with us on this life-changing adventure!  Thank you for helping us revive the Ambassadors program following the pandemic.

We encourage you to ensure your child is prepared with the information.  It will remain available throughout the tour.  There will also be updates from the staff on the WhatsApp and BRT apps.  We know you'll want to know when your child arrives safe and sound in a new location.  Hopefully, you've worked out an agreement with your child regarding how often you want to hear from them and such.  Kids tend to get caught up in the moment (which is great!), and things slip their mind.  If you get worried, simply message your child's Staff Member, and they'll be happy to update you and remind them.

We also encourage this:  If you, as the parent, have done the bulk of the prep work for the trip, you're normal.  However, please prepare your child for what to expect and start pushing some responsibility on their shoulders.  We've spent a lot of time discussing personal safety and how vital it is to be vigilant of your surroundings.  Although they will always be with staff in areas about which we have concerns, please "double team" with us so they understand the importance of paying attention at those times.  

This is important because it is so very easy to get separated from the group just by simply stopping to look at something in a shop window.  Rest assured, we'll keep checking to be sure everyone is accounted for, but if we can head any issues off now - with your help - the chances of having to double back for a displaced young person are much lower.

Thanks so much.

This website is crammed full of info. Most parents want all of it, but it can be overwhelming.  If there is enough interest, we'll be happy to organize the information in an e-book you can read on your device in book form.  Simply email Mr. Massey to signal your interest.